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Welcome to the Michigan Marching Band Photography website. Here you will find thousands of photos from the official photographers of the Michigan Marching Band. We feature press box photos by Bob Brown and field level photos by Belinda Carter, with additional photos by David Aguilar, Tim Demske, Mark Haddlesey, Sarah Hanchar, Jonathan San, and Jeff Stokes.

Digital Downloads and Prints of all our photos are available for purchase. Digital download pricing starts at just $0.95, with prints available from $1.95. The watermark that appears on the center of our photographs will not appear on any item you buy.

To purchase prints or downloads simply click the buy button above the photo on the right and make a selection from the list. Once you make your selection three tabs will appear: Prints, Merchandise, and Downloads. Select from these three tabs depending on which items you are interested in purchasing.

Photos purchased from the Michigan Marching Band Photography website help to support the ongoing efforts of the volunteer organization of the MMB Video Crew. A portion of the profit from each photo is donated to the MMB Video Crew to support equipment and technology purchases.

The 2009 Video Crew, Photo Staff & The Old Press Box


Robert Brown - Photographer

Robert has provided photo and video services to the MMB since 1975. Throughout that time he has helped to expand the use of video and digital audio for learning and performance documentation for the MMB. One enjoyable aspect of being part of the MMB video crew for Robert has been the level of commitment and generous sharing of time and talent by all members of the crew. "There always seems to be a new excitement with the start of each new season that keeps all of us coming back for more."

Belinda Carter - Photographer

Belinda has been capturing photos of the MMB since 1999 and will be back this fall. She loves being part of an organization that has such high energy and is so dedicated to putting a superior product on the field week in and week out. She captures and creates memories from moments throughout the day, from early morning rehearsal through the post-game performance. Her photos can be viewed and purchased at mmbphotovideo.com. Belinda lives in Saline and is a former flute/piccolo player.

Tim Demske - Video Crew Coordinator

Tim has been a member of the video crew since 2004 and returns as the video crew coordinator this season. He marched saxophone from 1997 through 2000 and holds three degrees from Michigan (Mechanical Engineering BS and MS, and MBA). There is no place Tim would rather be than in Ann Arbor on a crisp fall Saturday game day morning capturing the activities and performances of the MMB. He has a great love and passion for the MMB, videography, and video editing and is grateful to be able to give back to an organization that meant so much to him as an undergraduate student at Michigan. Tim lives down the road from Ann Arbor in Canton.

David Aguilar - Videographer / Photographer

David was a member of the trombone section from 2005 through 2009 and a member of the hockey athletic band. He is originally from El Paso, Texas and currently works and lives in Ann Arbor. In 2010 he joined the video crew and contributes behind the camera and in the editing room. His interest in video editing and the MMB allow him to create lasting memories for the members of the MMB.

Mark Haddlesey - Videographer / Photographer

Mark has been a member of the video crew since 2011 and returns this fall to assist both behind the camera and in the editing room. He is an avid photographer and video producer with years of experience at Pioneer and Skyline High School, recording marching, concerts, and jazz band performances, along with sporting events. "Capturing the moments of my three boys, their friends, and the MMB has been a very rewarding experience". Mark would like to thank his wife Karen for her understanding ... not sitting with her at concerts/games while he is recording.

Sarah Halstead - Videographer / Photographer

Sarah joined the video crew in 2009 after marching Piccolo in the band from 2004 through 2007. Now living in Milwaukee, WI after graduation from the Ross School of Business, the draw of the MMB and Michigan Football on a crisp Saturday morning is what brings her back throughout the season. When not working audio, cheering on the team, or wishing there was a better twitter client for webOS (follow us on twitter @umichbandphotos) you'll most likely find her behind her camera capturing the excitement that is a Football Saturday! Go Blue!

Chris Sorensen - Videographer / Photographer

Chris has been a member of the video crew since 2005. An avid amateur video producer and self-proclaimed marching band geek, he is a 3rd generation M football season ticket holder and hasn’t missed a home game in 20 years. When he was introduced to video crew through a friend, a lifelong dream was realized. Though never a member of the MMB, he is an enduring musician, marching with a saxophone throughout high school, and studying piano at the college level. He currently plays saxophone and percussion in the Downriver Community Band. Chris resides in Southgate with his wife Michelle and awesome kids Baker, and Veronica.

Jeff Stokes - Videographer / Photographer

Jeff has been with the MMB continuously since the fall of 1986. He marched in the trombone section for two years, one as rank leader, before being elected to Drum Major for the 1988 and 1989 seasons. Following his marching years, Jeff served as a graduate assistant for two years and has served as a member of the video crew since life required him to get a “real” job as an engineer in the auto industry. Jeff lives in Milan, Michigan with his wife, Teresa (a former MMB tuba rank leader), daughters Samantha and Jacquelyn, and about twenty dairy goats.

Jeff Wohl - Videographer

Jeff marched alto saxophone from 1981 through 1985 and then sat in the stands for two years after that. Realizing that he could not stand being just an observer (too much Yuba in him), in the summer of 1988 he asked director Eric Becher if he could volunteer for something MMB. Eric said his current video crew of two was leaving for real employment and that he should give videography a try -- best 'take the plunge' decision Jeff ever made. Jeff lives in Canton with his part-time videographer wife Terri and two die-hard teenage marching band children Benjamin and Sarah.

Michigan Marching Band Photography

Michigan Marching Band Photography can be found on the web at www.umichbandphotos.com.

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